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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photography | Liz Sloan | L Photographie | Interview with The Bliss List

What is your favorite type of wedding to be a part of?

That’s a tough one! I tend to love all of them but there are two things that make some of them pop out in my head. First and foremost is a couple that is truly comfortable with each other, enjoying each other and enjoying their day. I’ll find myself behind the camera with a little smile on my face as I catch bride and groom laughing, looking lovingly at each other, making fun of each other…whatever the moment brings! I also love couples that put really special little touches into their day to make it their own. Not necessarily expensive favors or over the top flowers, but things that really show off who they are. I had a couple that met for the first time at a grocery store when she offered him her left over Oreo snack before she threw it away. We went and took photos at that little grocery store and they gave their guests Oreo treats as favors. How cute is that?!

What are your favorite 'of the moment' wedding colors?

This is a dangerous question - just ask my husband. I have what he likes to call Color Attention Deficit Disorder. I have repainted my dining room 4 times in 5 years. You can see from our site and logo that Kristie and I love limey greens, however I seem to be developing a new addiction to yellow. And I have no explanation whatsoever. Never know then the C.A.D.D. will strike!

What is a word or phrase that describes you or your business?

Uh-oh. I tend to be rather verbose so there is absolutely no way I can keep it to a word or phrase. See?! Already over my quota. That being said, besides always striving to produce the best possible images for our clients, we like to think that we are down-to-earth, friendly, normal (which I realize is relative), happy girls that love what we do. And we think that attracts the kind of clients we like – the ones that feel like old friends by the time it’s all said and done! And then stick around in our lives for years through first babies, birthdays, first steps, new homes, etc. On another random note, if we had a smell it would be fresh baked cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies?! And yes, we’ve actually discussed this.

What was your biggest 'big' moment?

I often forget to think of what I do as a business. That being said, something really cool happened this year. In January we had THREE featured weddings in different magazines hit the shelves all at once. It was really cool to see that other people were enjoying our work and recognizing how impressively beautiful and creative our clients are.

What is the best advice you can give to brides-to-be?

Jeez…where to start! One of my big rules is never to give unsolicited advice but you asked! So it all comes down to this…enjoy every minute. Enjoy hanging with your girlfriends while stuffing favors, enjoy shopping for a dress with your mom, enjoy getting to know your mother in law better over addressing invitations, savor the cake tasting, try on a million pairs of shoes, love all of it. And always remember to stop for a minute and take it all in – both the planning days and the actual day. Also be prepared to laugh off anything that doesn’t go exactly as planned. Because not everything will go exactly as planned!

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I am a bit of a magazine junkie. I wish I could say I was part of a book club and was well read in many recent award-winning manuscripts, but I truly enjoy magazines for the pictures. Not because I don’t LIKE to read but because I consider it research! I’m particularly drawn to wedding mags (of course!), fashion, food and décor. Where some people see a good recipe I see interesting angles and new lighting ideas on that rack of lamb in the accompanying photo. In the fashion mags I see new posing ideas, lighting approaches and prop and location ideas (very useful for trash the dress sessions.) It’s all eye candy!

Favorite STL spot?

When I see the words “favorite spot” my mind immediately goes to food and drinks. Is that wrong?! I love hanging out at my little Greek restaurant in Dogtown – Olympia Kebob and Taverna. It has been one of my favorite places for well over 15 years. All of my dearest friends and I have created some great memories there...well, from what we can remember. Later in the evenings things tend to get a little fuzzy. There is always a special comfort in a familiar place surrounded by friends.

Indulgence or weakness?

Hanging out on the couch with my husband and my wiener dogs covered in a fuzzy blanket and lounging on fluffy pillows. It is the best place ever and it’s really hard to leave and go be a productive human being sometimes!

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